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Work / Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Ruddy beautiful graphic design from Jaemin Lee

How refreshing it is to see an entire portfolio of graphic design that is injected with a large dose of happiness. This pretty spectacular body of work from Jaemin Lee is that wild, beautiful combination of excellent illustration combined with traditional design knowledge – something that in the age of InDesign and minimalist, abstract work, is rather joyous to come across. Jaemin’s theatre posters, book covers and concert posters are so good you kind of want to own them, which is not something we often feel about about graphic design. Top marks.


Jaemin Lee: Poster for the theatre – Pitmen Painters


Jaemin Lee: Book cover for The Great Gatsby


Jaemin Lee: Poster and banners for the concert – Spring Flowers & Music Festival by 9 and the Numbers


Jaemin Lee: Poster for the theater – Love, Love, Love


Jaemin Lee: Graphic design for the conference – 2013 JTBC Tomorrow


Jaemin Lee: Poster for ALAND – ‘2nd Page’ opening party


Jaemin Lee: Discovery Of Asia