Josh King: Fergie’s Gum

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Graphic Design: Ideas man Josh King has a weird and wonderful way of looking at the world

You may have missed it but a few months ago when Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson announced his retirement, a piece of his chewing gum went on eBay claiming to be his “last gum.” Word spread, and within two days the bidding war on the gum had reached nearly £200,000. The gum wasn’t Fergie’s, and eBay took it down before the deal was done, but the clever person behind that genius idea was Josh King.

Josh is a Kingston graduate who now spends his days being paid to come up with brilliant ideas because that’s exactly what he’s best at. Puns, time sensitive media-related projects, and genuinely funny ideas are what makes up his portfolio, making it one of the most pleasurable to go through. When you do in a minute, don’t miss the Olympics video (below) he made with some fellow students a few years ago – it’s perfect.


Josh King: Labour of Glove


Josh King: Labour of Glove


Josh King: Fergie’s Last Gum


Josh King: Rubber Chicken


Josh King: Activia Benz


Josh King: Activia Benz


Josh King: Activia Benz


Josh King: Speed Drawing


Josh King: Sports Bottles


Josh King: Par Fore