Groovisions: ASAHI PRESS 2012

Work / Graphic Design

Here’s some super clean, crisp, colourful Japanese graphic design

Groovisions is a design studio based in Tokyo, a city where adverts flash and fling their way across a multitude of billboards, buildings and shop windows which can, at times, feel like an assault on the senses. How refreshing it must be then for revellers of the wondrous tech-city of the future to come across some graphic design that doesn’t scream a message in flashing neon lights, but rather, gently entices attention with a clear visual idea that communicates its message at a glance, drawn in bold lines and set on a soft pastel colour palette. This series works on a number of levels, standing out in a crowd by its willingness to be quiet, waiting for viewers that will inevitably come for some peace and tranquility.


“Sawako Kimijima / Eating Out 2.0” 2012