Film: Guinness film follows inspiring group of African dandies, The Sapeurs

14 January 2014

Here in London, the end of the London Collections: Men means the end of revelling in sartorial male brilliance right? Wrong! Guinness has created a superb short film which features the Sapeurs, a group of people from the Republic of the Congo who embrace stylistic individualism in a truly inspiring way. It’s part of the Guinness Made Of More campaign, which celebrates those who live their lives with real integrity and character.

What makes this more than just an interesting fashion story is that there is a philosophical underpinning to the Sapeurs’ lifestyle along with the charm and flair.

The men who embrace La Sape are part of a heritage that stretches back to their ancestors and that will reach forward to future generations. In their commitment to non-violence and freedom of expression, they embody a way of looking at life from which we could all learn something. This outlook though is brought to life through a philosophy of joie de vivre which shines through in every frame of the film. It’s well worth a few minutes of your time so stop what you’re doing and watch it now!

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