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Haein Kim’s characters share their innermost desires in this cheeky animation (NSFW)

Animator Haein Kim is currently a student at University of Technology Sydney and for her end of year project she’s created Forward. The short animation tells the story of a couple reaching a crossroads in their relationship, where the guy coyly asks the girl: “Would you sit on my face?” She responds with: “What, like a pillow?” and the viewer is then taken on a surreal dream-like experience where the protagonist imagines all sorts of bottom and face scenarios.

While the subject matter may initially seem crass, Haein treats it with humour and it’s oddly the perfect backdrop to show off the skills she’s been honing. Throughout, there’s smooth, well-executed transitions from various orifices and body parts into objects and faces. The peppy pace also keeps the action ticking along, which is helped by Haein blending together interesting crops and compositions.

At just over a minute long, Haein shows real skill in conveying the character’s personalities, through amusing expressions and well-timed movements. Her style is vibrant and fresh, and the whole film is a unique exploration of someone’s innermost desires.


Haein Kim: Forward (still)


Haein Kim: Forward (still)


Haein Kim: Forward (still)