Harry Borden: John Balan

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Harry Borden’s intimate portraits of survivors of the Holocaust

Photographer Harry Borden’s new book, Survivor, was created over the course of five years. Harry travelled across the world to take portraits of Holocaust survivors, and the publication presents over 100 images, each accompanied with a handwritten note from the subject.

The images, taken in the homes of each survivor, are naturally lit and the evocative statements of each survivor create a sense of intimacy to the project. The resulting publication is a powerful document of what it means to survive one of the darkest moments in the history of humanity, and how the survivors have prevailed.

“One day soon, all the survivors will be gone,” writes Harry in the introduction. “My hope is that this work honours not only all those who were gracious enough to take part but also every other survivor, along with the men women and children who were killed during the Holocaust."

Survivor – A portrait of the survivors of the Holocaust by Harry Borden is published by Cassell Illustrated


Harry Borden: Mirjam Finkelstein


Harry Borden: Kurt Goldberger


Harry Borden: Janek (Yona) Fuchs


Harry Borden: Ella Prince