Hattie Stewart: Soda Pop Store

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Queen of the doodles Hattie Stewart launches her brand new website!

There’s a reason why people can’t resist doodling, whether it be drawing sunglasses on people in the newspaper or merely colouring in the inside of letters on a page until it’s more like a musical score than an important document – there’s just something pretty therapeutic about the whole business. Lucky, then, for Hattie Stewart – our favourite doodler – that the fashion and publishing world is completely enraptured by doodles at the moment and subsequently turning to her to provide them. One of her most recent commissions, ’"doodle-bombing" the covers of legendary Interview magazine is some of her best work yet, and a sign that there are a lot more exciting things to come. Doodle on Hattie, doodle on!


Hattie Stewart: Interview


Hattie Stewart: Interview


Hattie Stewart:


Hattie Stewart: House of Holland


Hattie Stewart:


Hattie Stewart: Lula


Hattie Stewart: Pop