Princess Hıdır’s sci-fi inspired illustrations will take you to a whole new world

Quitting her job in an advertising agency to pursue freelance illustration, the Istanbul-based creative uses their unearthly depictions to image a new, more harmonious existence.

21 September 2022

It’s the universe’s biggest questions that have always fascinated illustrator Princess Hıdır. Since childhood she’s been obsessed with all things sci-fi: “I remember the books I've read and the documentaries I’ve watched with both fear and wonder,” an obsession that now primarily informs her practice. With their luminescent colours and unearthly settings, Hıdır tells us that they love to create their very own universes, where “my characters are genderless, living together in harmony”.

Originally, Hıdır for a degree in graphic design, a fact that has likely helped their hyper-digital practice, and use of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. But, there is one tool that really helps Hıdır get in the creative zone – music. Listening to a wide array of artists while she works, Hıdır collaborates with musicians. For example, take a look at their recent collaboration with producer Ozoyo, Hıdır generated a whole animated underwater dream land to perfectly match his glitchy, other-worldly beats.


Princess Hidir: Ozoyo - Hello Planta Single Artwork (Copyright © Threefinger Records, 2022)


Princess Hidir: Ozoyo - Planta Dance Single Artwork (Copyright © Threefinger Records, 2022)


Princess Hidir: Ozoyo - Panspermia Single Artwork (Copyright © Threefinger Records, 2021)


Princess Hidir: Mother of Corals (Copyright © Princess Hidir, 2020)


Princess Hidir: Distant Lands (Copyright © Princess Hidir, 2021)


Princess Hidir: Ozoyo - Emerging Plantas Artwork (Copyright © Threefinger Records, 2022)


Princess Hidir: The Monster Project (Copyright © Princess Hidir, 2021)

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Princess Hidir: Ozoyo - Planta Dialogues Artwork (Copyright © Threefinger Records, 2022)

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