Heather Cleary: Corner Table

Work / Photography

Perfect composition makes for some serious eye-trickery courtesy of Heather Cleary

Really great portfolio of still-life photography here from Heather Cleary, showcasing her enviable ability to create seemingly 2D collages out of 3D scenarios. Unlike some still-life photographers whose style is immediately recognisable, Heather has a curious knack of making each image almost entirely different to the last. Jumping from illusionary images of the corners of tables to a very impressive shot of the effect the shape of a woman’s chest has on the polka-dot pattern of her t-shirt – the notion of eye-trickery and perspective is palpable, and very effective.

Of her own work she says:“Reality can be impossible to pin down, and these images intend to further explore this notion… By selecting, modifying, segmenting, and/or isolating items from their context, I pull objects from utility into abstraction. I make the mundane questionable, playfully dubious. In this way, these photographs explore the relationship between impartial objects and personal perceptions, focusing on the subtleties that produce multiple layers of experience."


Heather Cleary: Magazine


Heather Cleary: Dot Matrix


Heather Cleary: Same book, different fonts


Heather Cleary: Untitled