Heike Bollig: Kale (multiple labels)

Work / Photography

Heike Bollig shows us his collection of amusing manufacturing mishaps

We’ve all found that one weird Hula Hoop in the bag where it’s not a hoop at all but rather an ironed out, flat piece of hula. We always say we’ll keep things like that and maybe send it to someone but we never do – we’re too hungry to be that proactive.

These kind of manufacturing mistakes happen all the time and for some reason it’s kind of fascinating which is why Heike Bollig’s ongoing project, Errors in Production, is such an intriguing cavalcade of manufacturing misfortune. Since 2004, Heike has been cataloguing a variety of products from beer bottles to tortellini that in some way have suffered during production such as a multiple labels, a malformed shape or packaging with no product at all. It shows us that sometimes machine can get it wrong, or maybe how sloppy quality control is getting.


Heike Bollig: Screw (crooked, incorrectly milled)


Heike Bollig: Book (incorrectly cut)


Heike Bollig: Brown Beck’s beer bottle (incorrect bottle)


Heike Bollig: Espresso cup (two handles)


Heike Bollig: Nickel (blank coin)


Heike Bollig: Marshmallow teeth (deformed)


Heike Bollig: Tortellini (no filling)


Heike Bollig: Disposable fork (tines too short)


Heike Bollig: Chives (sealed empty)