Vibskov & Emenius: The Fringe Projects, self portraits, 2007

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Meet the talented Mr Vibskov: fashion designer, set designer, artist, musician etc etc

Let me introduce Henrik Vibskov – he seems like a very cool guy, a modern day polymath, if you will. I recently came across his menswear spring summer 2013 collection, a mixture of sharp tailored pieces and jazzy day wear having a love affair with polka dots.

Not only is he responsible for designing the collections for his fashion label, he also dreams up the environments, bringing the shows to life in a spectacular, lively, tongue-in-cheek way. He embraces a sense of theatricality in his clothes, which extends to “tantalising universes created in relation to each collection”.  A spectator from Hint Magazine noted: “His spring 2013 collection gave way to squeals of delight when a giant tongue dotted with black polyps unravelled on the catwalk. Assembled with the aid of two assistant ninjas, the tongue filled with air and dancers emerged from its interior.”


Vibskov & Emenius: The Fringe Projects, 2009

After doing a bit of digging around I found out that the award-winning Vibskov (he’s a Dane) graduated from St Martins in 2001 and has been trailblazing his way through fashion circles ever since. Apparently, he’s currently the only Scandinavian designer on the official show schedule of Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Through dabbling with fantastical sets and installations, Visbok has also established himself as a successful visual artist. He’s exhibited internationally and his ongoing collaborative projects with artist Andreas Emenius, under the moniker Vibskov & Emenius, are really great. Check out the Fringe projects!

If this hasn’t convinced you of his talents, Henrik Vibskov also finds time to be the drummer for electronic musician Trentemøller. We’re impressed!


Henrik Vibskov: The Eat, Copenhagen, 2011


Henrik Vibskov: The Eat, Copenhagen, 2011


Vibskov & Emenius: Chairs for gourmet restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Copenhagen. Extended into table set installation for the exhibition at Zeeuws Museum, 2008


Henrik Vibskov: spring summer 2013


Henrik Vibskov: spring summer 2013


Henrik Vibskov: spring summer 2013


Henrik Vibskov: spring summer 2013


Henrik Vibskov: spring summer 2013


Henrik Vibskov: spring summer 2013 show