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Our final Here profile looks at the work of Tom Roope and The Rumpus Room

It’s well established now that in the socially-engaged world the way brands interact with their customers has changed, and there’s no going back. But recognising this new reality and responding to it in interesting, innovative and effective ways are two very different things, and that’s where The Rumpus Room comes in.

Creative director Tom Roope and his team are the go-to guys for big companies open-mined and business-savvy enough to embrace the brave new world. So whether it’s musical stars like Bon Jovi and Lilly Allen, brands like Nike, Coca Cola and Cadbury or other organisations like the International Olympic Committee or Fairtrade, The Rumpus Room has created some of the most creative, technological and ambitious campaigns of the past few years.

Their efforts have been honoured by the likes of D&AD, The Cannes Lions and the Designs of the Year and so we are delighted that Tom will be joining us at Here on Friday to discuss the ways in which creatives have had to shift their mindset from showing off how clever they are to helping their audiences show off how clever and talented they can be.

Here is sold out but we will be documenting the day in due course.