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Here 2013: Set designer Es Devlin talks Kanye West and the Olympics

The latest video from our creative symposium Here held in September features Es Devin, who must have one of the busiest diaries in the creative industries.

From Kanye West and Lady Gaga to the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony, Es is the go-to stage and set designer for engaging, inspiring and jaw-dropping visual treatments. At Here 2013 she spoke about how a random moment at a wedding set off a train of thought about her creative approach, taking us through some of her projects and considering how the digital age has changed the way we think.

Remember you can see all the Here 2013 films released so far (as well as a host of other audiovisual treats over on our dedicated site First Broadcast.


Es Devlin at Here 2013 (Photo Cat Garcia)


Es Devlin at Here 2013 (Photo Cat Garcia)


Es Devlin at Here 2013 (Photo Cat Garcia)