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Here 2013: Rafaël Rozendaal on digital artworks and blurring the boundaries

We’ve long been fans of Brazilian-born, New York based artist Rafaël Rozendaal and so when it came to drawing up the programme for our creative symposium Here held in the summer he was an obvious choice. Rafaël is a trailblazer when it comes to digital and online artworks and we were keen to hear his insights into this particular corner of the creative world. But we were aalso treated to a look at the projects where he combines digital and physical to produce artworks which blur the boundaries between these two sometimes polarised worlds.

Remember you can catch up with all the Here 2013 videos over on our dedicated audio visual channel First Broadcast.


Rafaël Rozendaal on stage at Here 2013


Rafaël Rozendaal on stage at Here 2013


Rafaël Rozendaal on stage at Here 2013