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Here 2013: Stuart Wood of rAndom International on humans plus technology

As the nights draw in and the autumn rain starts to fall, summer can already seem a lifetime away. Our minds flit back to June in particular when we hosted our second Here symposium in the sunny surroundings of South Kensington. If you were there you’ll know just how much insight and inspiration our speakers treated us to, but if you weren’t now’s your chance to join the fun as we’re posting the talks from the event every week. They’re also over on our dedicated audio visual-channel First Broadcast, so shoot your chuff over there to get the full experience.

This week’s talk comes courtesy of Stuart Wood, one of the founders of rAndom International whose work explores the space where technology and human interaction meet, most memorably manifested in their extraordinary Rain Room installation at The Barbican. Stuart charted the studio’s longstanding interest in this area and spoke of having to balance the coder and the artist inside him. A pitch-perfect talk from one of the brains behind the year’s most talked-about project.


Stuart Wood on stage at here (Photo Cat Garcia)


Stuart Wood on stage at here (Photo Cat Garcia)


Stuart Wood on stage at here (Photo Cat Garcia)