Horizontal Press: Golden Nip Pin

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Horizontal Press’ erotic works for you to lay back with, and think of England

Established by illustrator Kaye Blegvad, Horizontal Press is a small pornographic press specialising in “small batch jazz mags and seminal works.” Based in Brooklyn, Horizontal Press keeps its tongue firmly in cheek, “[taking pleasure] in publishing erotic works for the discerning horndog.” If that wasn’t news enough, it’s launching this Valentine’s Day – just in time for you to send your loved one, or yourself, a Tijuana Bible by some of illustration’s most glittering stars. There’s Rose Blake, Clay Hickson and Lizzy Stewart to name but a few.

In case you were wondering, Tijuana Bibles are palm-sized pornographic comics that have been produced in the US since the 1920s. Popularity peaked during the Great Depression and now Horizontal Press has brought them right up to the n(au)ghties. Sorry.


Horizontal Press: Tijuana Bibles


Horizontal Press: Eleanor Davis


Horizontal Press: Eleni Kalorkoti


Horizontal Press: Rose Blake


Horizontal Press: Clay Hickson


Horizontal Press: Pete Gamlen


Horizontal Press: Maria Ines Gul