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It’s about time Rooney and Balotelli snogged! Thanks Hot Chip

What would the world of football look like if Rooney and Balotelli stopped denying their hearts desires, put aside their differences and got down and dirty on the turf of Old Trafford? The fans bemused, astounded; the referee flourishing his red as he loses control while the managers of rival clubs rest their bitter arguments to gaze upon their star players’ tackles of love primed to score!

This is the wild imagination of Peter Serafinowicz – “comedian, filmaker and all-round genius” – who has directed the fabulous new video for Hot Chip’s Dont Deny Your Heart. Summing the video up, Peter tweeted that it’s for all “Music, Football, Videogame and Sex fans” and this strange homage reveals some of the more sinister sides to the sport in general (such as the snot rocket at 1:32), only to be transformed into an orgy of love via the power of dance.


Hot ChiHot Chip: Don’t Deny Your Heart


Hot Chip: Don’t Deny Your Heart


Hot Chip: Don’t Deny Your Heart


Hot Chip: Don’t Deny Your Heart