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Art: Human Tide celebrates the centenary of Marcel Duchamp’s time in Kent

One hundred years ago pioneering fine artist Marcel Duchamp was hanging out in Herne Bay in Kent, chaperoning his sister on a brief summer sojourn. While he was there he created arguably one of his most important works of art (in terms of the development of his own practice at least). Three Standard Stoppages saw him dropping three metre-long pieces of string into the sea and recording the lines they produced in a permanent form.

To celebrate the centenary of his visit and the creation of this seminal piece of work digital media performance and design agency Unique/SYZYGY are curating an event that will see volunteers treading the line of the tide with LED light sticks.Their aim is to capture that same element of chance that Duchamp found so inspiring all those years ago, permanently recording on film a one-off wall of light separating the water’s edge from the rest of the beach.

The event takes place on Friday August 9 and you’ll be able to keep up with the event by following the official Human Tide twitter account @HumanTide2013.