Ian Stevenson: Made in Broken Britain

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New Ian Stevenson show skewers modern society in stereotypically funny fashion

Guess who’s back, back again, guess who’s back, tell a friend! Excuse the Eminesque-intro but it only seems right to use early 2000s rap by way of introducing Ian Stevenson’s new show in Newcastle.

Described as exploring " the merciless self-consciousness of modern life", it showcases once again his constant ability to produce funny, silly, surreal and often intelligent artworks across a whole host of media. There’s slogans (“Three Word Slogan” is a particular favourite) models of geriatric superheroes, and weird photos like Kim Kardashian sporting a crudely-drawn dunces’ cap.

Like David Shrigley the simplicity of much of his work belies an engaged and nuanced critique of contemporary society, but over and above that it’s all great fun. As is the press release for this show in which he describes himself as “a professional man, secure in his sexuality and proud of his body” and we are told: “Ian’s surprisingly popular work has become a rallying point for slightly bitter people who struggle to take anything seriously… He’s only just started shouting at everyone and he’s got plenty more to say.”

We’re all ears Ian.

Made in Broken Britain is at The Outsiders Gallery until July 7.


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