Ian Traynor: Eyetoons

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Start Friday with some fiendish visual pop puns from Ian Traynor’s Eyetoons

It is said that Thursday is the new Friday, by which logic Friday is the new Saturday and so some of you are probably feeling a little worse for wear right now. Time to shake off those hangovers though courtesy of a little brain workout courtesy of designer Ian Traynor. Whiling away some time listening to The Beatles’ Blackbird, Ian drew a simple illustration to encapsulate the song and posted it on Facebook. From there he started posting weekly visual teasers for his friends’ amusement (and competitiveness) and now thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign Eyetoons the book is ready and waiting. The illustrations are charming and some of the puzzles quite fiendish – luckily an index at the back lets you kick yourself and appreciate afresh Ian’s visual skills.


Ian Traynor: Eyetoons – Lionel Richie, Dancing on the Ceiling


Ian Traynor: Eyetoons – The Jam, Start


Ian Traynor: Eyetoons – Starship, We Built this City on Rock and Roll


Ian Traynor: Eyetoons – Black Sabbath, War Pigs


Ian Traynor: Eyetoons – The Arctic Monkeys, When The Sun Goes Down