Iancul: Drawriting (002)

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Letterforms become visual puzzles in Iancul’s new personal project

We’ve long maintained that to really get to know how a creative’s mind works, it’s best to explore their personal work, which often tells you much more than their professional portfolio. Another good example of this comes from London-based identity designer Iancu Barbarasa, who works under the name Iancul, and his terrific new Drawriting project, which “turns thoughts and their letters into visual puzzles.”

They’re created on the spot and it’s this sort of freedom – more often than not impossible in a commercial, client-led process – that makes them so interesting, both as studies of Iancul’s considerable skills and his way of thinking. He says he started the project “to surprise myself and to enjoy pen on paper” and we can’t think of two much better reasons to do anything creative.

The titles, which can be found right at the end of the archive, range from Certitude Kills to Hope Like A Bastard but Iancul’s images are interesting enough to be enjoyed with or without the extra context these provide.


Iancul: Drawriting (001)


Iancul: Drawriting (003)


Iancul: Drawriting (005)


Iancul: Drawriting (009)


Iancul: Drawriting (014)


Iancul: Drawriting (023)


Iancul: Drawriting (026)


Iancul: Drawriting (031)


Iancul: Drawriting (002)