Gaurab Thakali: More Jazz

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Jazzy updates from Camberwell’s very own Gaurab Thakali

Gaurab Thakali has been busy drawing jazz. Not polite, middle-aged living room jazz – we’re talking wet floors, rusty trumpets, ripped underskirts and dirty shoes jazz. Every time we look at his modest Flickr page we have to pinch our arms and remind ourselves that yes, Gaurab is still studying. Still studying! At Camberwell in London. How is he so good? You ask. Well, we have no idea. All we know is that he can draw fun like no one else right now, be it in the shape of groups of men wandering the streets, men and women getting down and dirty in jazz clubs or just some guys listening to music on the street. Looking for cheerful, music-based illustration? Gaurab’s got it going on, and he’s got way more to give.


Gauraub Thakali: Poster for a Friend


Gauraub Thakali: Book Project 1


Gauraub Thakali: Max Roach


Gauraub Thakali: Big Band


Gauraub Thakali: Rollerskaters Vibe


Gauraub Thakali: Outside Minton’s Playhouse


Gauraub Thakali: Fats and Charlie Rouse


Gauraub Thakali: Poster for a Friend