Ian Stevenson: Can I Borrow Some Money Please?

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Illustration: Naughty illustrator Ian Stevenson turns to graffiti to get his messages across

Rather than doing what most other artists and illustrators of his ilk do and put on a nice show of their work in a gallery, Ian Stevenson’s decided to mix things up a bit and splurge his work on to the streets of London. Luckily for the townsfolk, it’s hilarious and amazing and, like most of Ian’s work, this new collection is mildly insulting and delivering mockery at arm’s length to the more culturally-inclined city-dwellers. It gives you a feeling of “Why didn’t I think of that?” especially that bin asking you to follow it on Twitter. They’re probably not worth quite as much as a Banksy but, in my opinion these are a far more worthy asset to our streets.


Ian Stevenson: Art


Ian Stevenson: Just Look at This


Ian Stevenson: This is Rubbish


Ian Stevenson: Untitled


Ian Stevenson: Follow Me on Twitter


Ian Stevenson: Untitled