James Chong: Family Trips with Polio

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Illustration: Weird yet strangely enticing editorial work from James Chong

It’s refreshing to see some editorial illustrations that are just plain odd. I’m all for some nice twee prints making it on to the pages of the world’s most high-profile daily rags but sometimes we need a bit of weirdness in our lives, you know? Check out the image above: It’s called Family Trips with Polio, something that some illustrators would choose to depict as an abstract diagram of hospitals and tears and medication. James Chong has chosen to illustrate this topic in a, well, slightly different way. His no-holes-barred, sweaty approach to answering briefs is is refreshing, hilarious and unique – surely the most worthy triad of all excellent illustrators. I highly recommend visiting his site and having a nosy around for a while.


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