Jeong Hwa Min: Poster for the book Chicken or Beef

Work / Illustration

Illustration: We love these detailed prints by Berlin illustrator Jeong Hwa Min

Lovely stuff here from Berlin-based illustrator Jeong Hwa Min, whose colourful prints and new book entitled Chicken or Beef have really got us going this morning. Deceptive bright colours mask the political undertones in his work, and strange, funny little characters get up to no good in the background of each large, cheerful mural. we came across him via the ever-growing treasure trove of work that is Flickr, and were sucked in by his image for Journal 360 which depicts industrial cranes lowering a book into a larger book coffin. It’s the fun-looking yet deeply sinister, unsettling images like these that are what we enjoy most and also what Jeong seems really, really excellent at. So, if you’re reading this, more please!


Jeong Hwa Min: Journal 360


Jeong Hwa Min: Chicken or Beef


Jeong Hwa Min: Journal 360


Jeong Hwa Min: Chicken or Beef


Jeong Hwa Min: Lernen zu mögen


Jeong Hwa Min: 1600


Jeong Hwa Min: Rundgang


Jeong Hwa Min: Robot


Jeong Hwa Min: Israel