Kyle Platts: Keith Haring for Computer Arts

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Illustration: Kyle Platts’ portraits of artists and designers for Computer Arts

“It’s about time a transvestite won the Turner Prize” is what Kyle Platts imagined Grayson Perry uttered when he clasped the prestigious prize money in his masculine grip. Yeah, Kyle Platts imagines a lot of things, which is perhaps why Computer Arts (now commissioned him to illustrate the careers of famous artists and designers for their site. What’s so great about Kyle’s method of attacking this brief, aside from his wry humour, is the way he absolutely nails the artists’ faces, I swear that drawing of Keith Haring is a carbon copy of the actual Keith Haring. This is a fantastic guide that will teach you a thing or two about artists whose work you probably should know more about by now (I’m looking at you, art and design post-grads!) Go forth and learn!


Kyle Platts: Neville Brody for Computer Arts


Kyle Platts: Keith Haring for Computer Arts


Kyle Platts: Grayson Perry for Computer Arts


Kyle Platts: Yayoi Kusama for Computer Arts