Incredible hand painted envelope from Paul Arscott

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Illustration: Paul Arscott’s spectacularly rude new EyeBall Comix collection

Some of this stuff may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you take your tea black with a splash of dangerous medieval babes and bodily fluids, maybe take a bit of time to check out EyeBall Comix. They’ve been going for a few years now, producing high quality, low budget publications inspired by the comics of yore; dirty and filthy and violent, all the stuff that 12-year-old boys’ dreams are made of.

With contributors such as Kyle Platts, Robscenity, Betty Black, Bridgid Deacon and dozens of others, reading this pile of beautiful filth makes you realise that what you’re witnessing is actually a kind of society. These guys are getting together and making these hysterical and seriously well-drawn comics with one thing in mind, and that’s their shared passion for the craft. And for the naked, violent babes…


Deth Leper and Eyeball Issue 3


Deth Leper


Deth Leper


Deth Leper


Eyeball Issue 3


Paul Arscott: Cereal Dayz


Barry Cook: White Space Vol.I