Rami Niemi: NZZ Campus

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Illustration: More work from the hilarious and sometimes naughty Finnish illustrator, Rami Niemi

Yay! A huge bundle of new work from Rami Niemi. Rami (or his agency, Pekka) know how to upload a high-res image, and what a difference it makes when you’re perusing the site! In some of Rami’s massive images you can scroll up, down, left and right and still not see all the detail he’s crammed in there. Rami’s bundle of new work is, obviously, an unbelievable selection of witty, naughty drawings created using vector lines smoother than a baby’s bottom. As well as making some really funny images for Men’s Health that appear to illustrate modern ways you can accidentally die, Rami’s also been busy on a project for NZZ Campus depicting life in a university circa 2002, which some spot-on pop-culture references that genuinely made me laugh out loud a few times. Stop being so good, Rami! You’re too much.


Rami Niemi: Men’s Health


Rami Niemi: University Affairs


Rami Niemi: ELLE Kids


Rami Niemi: The Hollywood Reporter


Rami Niemi: NZZ Campus


Rami Niemi: NZZ Campus


Rami Niemi: NZZ Campus

Rami Niemi: NZZ Campus