Sam Vanallemeersch: International Women’s Day

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Spectacular updates from the creative forcefield that is Sam Vanallemeersch

Sam Vanallemeersch’s website proclaims that he “draws for you” – and what an honour that is. These images are updates from the man who had the most viewed article on It’s Nice That in 2013, and you can see why. Not many illustrators or artists can boast a portfolio so rich, unique and powerful, but Sam’s got this ability to transport us into his chaotic world with just one glance at one of his hectic, jittery scenes. Interestingly, his piece of work for International Women’s Day is aesthetically very different to his trademark style, but it’s just more proof that Sam is exceptionally talented. His drawings give you the feeling that you’re at once terrified, lost and out of your depth in a strange apocalyptic land, but you’re happy to be there because to be honest, Sam’s world shits all over the reality of our own.


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Sam Vanallemeersch: International Women’s Day