Sarah Vanbelle: Monocle

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Travelling cookies and ancient history from Sarah Vanbelle

True passion and talent here from Antwerp’s very own Sarah Vanbelle, whose fun, plentiful work has been adorning pages of your favourite magazines for a long time now. Embarrassingly, we’ve never featured here before on It’s Nice That which means we’ve got to make up for old time now by gushing about how great she is even more than normal (if that’s possible?)

Sarah’s work is a slick, colourful map of her brain, revealing how observant she is whilst demonstrating a happy instinct when it comes to drawing. Seeing her sketches on her Tumblr then viewing it against the finished product makes total sense and helps us understand just how natural her process is. Her piece entitled Glaze Window is one of the nicest drawings I’ve seen in weeks. Any publisher who doesn’t commission her to do at least one piece for their upcoming magazine is a total dummy.


Sarah Vanbelle: Hawaii Hawaii


Sarah Vanbelle: Glazed Window


Sarah Vanbelle: Why?


Sarah Vanbelle: Pick Me Up


Sarah Vanbelle: Pick Me Up


Sarah Vanbelle: Granola


Sarah Vanbelle: Covers for Knack Focus