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Graphic Design: Excellent resource of the NYC graphic design scene

Speaking to people out in New York earlier this year, a common refrain was that the design scene there is more fragmented and less cohesive than here in London. Whether that’s fair or not, this cracking new resource Image of the Studio brings together 75 NYC studios, from big agencies to one-person operations, and looks at everything from their work to their principles, their music arrangements to what they have in their kitchens. The website is a rabbit-hole down which you can lose the best part of a day as there’s video interviews and great data visualisations. If you’re in New York it all ties in with an exhibition currently on but no worries if you’re not, there’s more than enough insight here to get your teeth into.

Image of the Studio at the Herb Lubalin Study of Center of Design runs until October 26.


Image of the Studio


Image of the Studio


Image of the Studio