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Tech guru Rupert Goodwins is our next In Progress Speaker profile!

In Progress is getting closer with every passing day, hour and minute ladies and gents – an event we’ve been organising and looking forward to with baited breath for months! Just like children yearning after a future Christmas, we too are looking beyond and out into a future with Rupert Goodwins and it’s a future we may not be entirely prepared for…

After carving out careers in engineering for space and defence, Sinclair, Amstrad and a host of others, Rupert has been surfing online spaces since 1983, witnessing the birth and dramatic evolution of the internet. Now Rupert has worked for ZDNet for more than 15 years, continuing to provide unique, informative and concise perspectives for TV and radio audiences regarding the technology sector. So, what does the future hold for In Progress, and more broadly, the future direction of technology?

This is where Rupert Goodwins will focus his attention, applying his wealth of experience to offer insights into a technology driven future that empowers our machines to create more than just ideas. The new realm of 3D printing offers the ability to redirect what has conventionally been the analogue to digital traffic, offering a vision of a brave new world that can print any conceivable physical object at the click of a button. What could this mean for our everyday lives and what impact will that have on industries around the globe? Rupert’s interests in the cross-fertilisation of technology, society and industry is insatiable, making the dawn of the 3D printing era a subject of intense enthusiasm, concern and excitement for him. As Rupert has said, this is the stuff that makes his “blood stir”.


3D Printing


3D Printing


3D Printing

The full programme and tickets for In Progress can be found here: inprogress2012.eventbrite.com

In Progress is kindly supported by Lowdi, the portable wireless speaker.