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Professional network Indorse is disrupting the hiring process by valuing skills above all

Indorse is the first professional network where only skills matter. Often, subjective factors such as looks and gender affect hiring decisions whereas Indorse focuses on the actual skills. The Singapore-based company has found a way to validate skills in a way that benefits both employer and candidate: simple and highly objective.

By combining the latest innovative technologies with a strong brand identity, Indorse presents a well-designed and effective way to visually communicate skills, free from discrimination and unconscious bias.

Aiming to tackle inequality in the global economy, the Indorse brand empowers its users by embracing unique skills. Designed in collaboration between the Munich-based studios Moby Digg and Serviceplan Innovation, the playful and unique identity manifests across Indorse’s web and print platforms through a variety of forms, shapes and colours, which suitably reflect an individual’s skill set. The square within the identity symbolises the blockchain technology that powers the platform, an ascending triangle represents growing skills, and the circle characterises the Indorse community.

Overall, Indorse’s experimental branding reflects its one-of-a-kind mission to increase skill validation, which in turn encourages personal growth and a sense of individuality. Reflecting on the bespoke identity, Moby Digg’s co-founder and creative director Maximilian Heitsch says, “We always try to embody the vision of a company through its branding.” Staying true to Indorse’s ethos, Maximilian and his team first established a visual voice for the company, which could lead them throughout the whole design process. “The design is unique because it not only reflects the vision of the brand, it also realises it. It blends data with creativity,” resulting in something much more exciting than the average infographics you might see when it comes to displaying data.

Indorse not only takes into consideration each person’s proven skill and skill level, but also inspires users to acquire new skills. As our abilities are constantly changing and adapting, the infographics reflect this by evolving over time. “We developed a custom generative tool that creates beautiful patterns of all a user’s skills,” Maximilian adds on the matter.

Furthermore, this is both accurately representative and also an objective alternate to the usual profile descriptions and profile pictures that unavoidably become subject to unconscious bias in several instances.

Crucially, Moby Digg has designed an identity that showcases skills in a new way. Once users upload a proof of their skills, such as a piece of code, the information is then evaluated by a randomly selected panel of expert users around the globe. Applying principles of game theory, the platform creates a “decentralised consensus” which fundamentally “paints skills in a new light, giving them the importance they deserve. It’s time for the skills age!”


Indorse: Moby Digg and Serviceplan Innovation


Indorse: Moby Digg and Serviceplan Innovation


Indorse: Moby Digg and Serviceplan Innovation


Indorse: Moby Digg and Serviceplan Innovation


Indorse: Moby Digg and Serviceplan Innovation