Jesse Kirsch: Breathing Power (Bio-device Energy & Vector Graphics) (detail)

Work / Graphic Design

Lovely prints as artists and designers join forces with young scientists

Loving both science and art, their schism makes us feel like a bewildered child caught in the middle of a divorce we neither want nor understand. We know they both still love us and it’s nothing we’ve done, but it’s troubling. So imagine how much we enjoy the increasing moves to reunite these separated parties through a series of projects, the latest of which has raised hopes of a more permanent rapprochement.

Intel brought a group of scientific innovators at their International Science and Engineering Fair together with illustrators, graphic designers and sculptors who created new artworks based on the former group’s breakthroughs.

With a host of interesting names involved there’s some really great pieces in the set, taking on ideas as diverse as reducing aircraft drag to predicting rainfall through astronomy and the creative responses are an excellently eclectic bunch. Whisper it, but mummy and daddy may be getting back together!


Mikell Fine Iles: Lift (Airplane Drag & Graphic Design)


Eric Ku: Designing Linkage with Decomposition (Peaucellier Inversor & Graphic Design)


Thomas Ng: Real-Time Medical Data Transfer System (Ambulance Communication & Graphic Design)


Shadrach Lindo: A Portrait of Solar Paint (Solar Paint & Graphic Design)


Steve Attardo: Storm (Rainfall Prediction & Graphic Design)


Heidy Garay: Coral Foundations (Plant Growth & Watercolor, Ink and Digital Collage)


Jesse Kirsch: Breathing Power (Bio-device Energy & Vector Graphics)