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Jog on rain clouds, we’ve got an ace new intern Maisie Skidmore to introduce to y’all

Yeah nice one May, just be wet and miserable and make my hair go all fluffy at the back. Really good work. Anyway despite your best meteorological efforts to crush our spirits we will not be broken! As if to prove it, we are dialling up the enthusiasm factor to 11 as we are thrilled to introduce our newest editorial intern Maisie Skidmore. And to help you get to know her better we fired some questions at Maisie on her very first day which she was good enough to answer. So without further ado…

How do you explain what you do to your parents?

I tell them that I write. So long as I’m happy and well fed I think my mum would be willing to accept if I joined the circus, so it’s not usually too difficult a subject to manoeuvre.

Who do you look like? 

I’ve been told that with my glasses on I look like Nana Mouskouri. My knowledge of Greek songstresses is limited to Eurovision, but Google search informs me that Nana is quite the looker, so I happily accept that comparison.

Did your education count?

I think so! At the very least it has made me a worthy addition to any team in a spelling bee.

What’s the best mistake you have ever made?

I was struggling to choose between doing English and French or just English at university; a question which I managed to circumnavigate altogether by hopping on the first Eurostar to Paris, and spending a year with my nose buried in a French dictionary, getting lost and generally learning what being an adult means. I still haven’t quite got adulthood (or the map-reading) nailed, but I did have a lovely time trying.

When did you realise that this is what you were good at?

At school. Somewhere towards the end of my GCSEs I came to the realisation that I might be able to cobble together a cracking collage, but cutting and sticking simply wasn’t going to propel me through a successful professional career, and I’d be much safer putting words together, instead.

What rules do you live by?

Work hard and be nice to people.

What makes your day?

Cheeky announcements from tube drivers, and the furrowed commuter brows which result.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I wanted to own a sweet shop and spend my days eating drumstick lollies and candy necklaces.

What’s one thing would you like to be remembered by/for?

I think I make a pretty astonishing carrot cake. If my burgeoning writing career doesn’t earn me some remembrance then at least my ghost can take refuge in the knowledge that I always provided great baked goods.

What’s your favourite combination?

A cup of tea and a chinwag. I’m easily pleased.

What’s the funniest thing you have EVER seen?

I once failed in talking a friend out of stripping down to his pants and socks one July afternoon, and jumping into the canal. If his entry into the water didn’t make the funniest list, then the horrified faces that met with his contented, soggy smile all afternoon definitely did.