Introducing the It’s Nice That annual

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Hey everybody! We’ve got some breaking news – It’s time to launch the inaugural It’s Nice That Annual!

Come one, come all and gather round, It’s Nice That has a rather exciting announcement. For the first time EVER, winter 2012 sees the publication of the It’s Nice That Annual, a round-up of the very best content we’ve been lucky enough to post over the past 12 months.

With at least 50 things showcased on the site every week, we realised there was a great opportunity to slow everything down and take a second, lingering look at some of the most exciting and engaging projects we’ve featured. So we’ve packed the work of over 150 creatives into an enormous volume for your enjoyment.

The limited edition 264-page full-colour hardback also features a lovely illustrated ramble through our regular Bookshelf feature and a celebration of our shiny new 2012 Graduates.

And that’s not all. We are delighted that for this exciting new project we were able to commission the uber-talented Parra to design a bespoke cover full to bursting with his trademark typographic talent.

We’ll be unveiling more spreads over the coming weeks but if you’ve got a Christmas List (you should have, it’s October for goodness sake) then best stick this on it. The book will not be available in stockists, only through our online shop, and has a special pre-order price of £35 including postage and packaging to the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. The Annual will be shipped in early December.

We feel giddy, we may need to sit down…


The It’s Nice That Annual with Parra’s superb cover design