The Word-a-Coaster in all its glory (pic: Andrew Meredith)


From the street


A glimpse from inside the window


The fortunes ready to be given out


A look at the mechanism


A look at the mechanism


What will 2012 hold for you?


It’s Nice That in Selfridges


Giles Miller’s window (pic: Andrew Meredith)


Ben Long’s window (pic: Andrew Meredith)


Chrissie Macdonald’s window (pic: Andrew Meredith)

Work / Words Words Words

It’s Nice That: Words Words Words at Selfridges

For seven weeks, It’s Nice That has one of the biggest honours in the creative industry – our work on show in the prestigious Selfridges windows. To coincide with the iconic store’s Words Words Words season – a unique, multi-stranded initiative that promotes slow communication and celebrates the inspirational and creative power of words and literature – we have art-directed four special three-dimensional extravaganzas.

Having been set the loose brief of bringing the concept of ‘Words, Words, Words’ to life over 6 months ago, we have worked round the clock to commission some of the best names in the business to really get to the heart of the power, fun and eccentricity of our wonderful English language.

For the showpiece corner window of Oxford Street and Orchard Street, we have collaborated with interactive designer Stewdio to create ‘The Word-A-Coaster’ a playful fortune telling machine. The 14 foot high hand-built wooden rollercoaster (constructed by model makers Atom) is surrounded by a sea of 30,000 brightly coloured balls filled with 30,000 unique fortunes that can be picked up in store for free.

Inside the balls, shoppers will find a small card emblazoned with a uniquely numbered adjective, generated by a clever computer programme that leaves each individual with their own personal, playful prediction for 2012.

To complement the corner window, we have worked with three of our favourite designers, challenging them to create a physical interpretation of the word WORDS. All three are wonderful in their own ways, from artist Ben Long’s beautifully constructed scaffold structure, to designer Chrissie Macdonald’s superb oversized objects and surface designer Giles Miller’s intricate cardboard creations.

All in all, it’s an excitingly diverse range of creative interpretations of the overarching Words, Words, Word’ theme, in keeping with It’s Nice That’s mission – to champion great creativity.

What better way to welcome in the new year?