Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Bobby Coolfinger – Deluxe Finger (detail)

Work / Set Design

Jack Hudson and Lord Whitney create amazing series of imagined LP covers

We were pretty chuffing excited when we found out that Jack Hudson was joining forces with Lord Whitney for a series of fictional record covers. That excitement went up a notch when we found out the title for said project was Mock N Roll because puns make us feel alive. And now the fruits of this collaboration are out? Well they’ve surpassed even our own sky-high expectations. Weird and wonderful doesn’t even come closer to describing this vibrant, silly and sometimes utterly bizarre series of bogus LPs which boast a compelling visual vernacular that runs throughout. An homage to the colour-saturated world of yesteryear, you can feel the fun Jack and Lord Whitney clearly had putting this together, particularly in naming the bands and albums.


Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Cristo Martinez – Scarlet Fever


Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Peter String – Dripping Sticky


Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Dumb – Trigger


Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Jerry King – The Damage Is Done


Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Les Trois Anoraks – La Baleine


Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Hank Doom – Hard Boiled


Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Streetwolf – Tienes Fuego


Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Dallas Swing – Silence is Golden


Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Don Damage and the Stallions – Hot Doggin’ Dog


Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Memo Memo – Candied Dream


Jack Hudson/Lord Whitney: Bobby Coolfinger – Deluxe Finger