Jake Blanchard: Collaboration with Jim Stoten for the Menagerie #3 (detail)

Work / Illustration

Illustrator Jake Blanchard has a portfolio bursting with colour and quality

Illustrator Jake Blanchard has an immediately recognisable style with his confident use of colour and his touchstone inspirations of the natural world, mythology and ancient cultures. His album sleeve work and t-shirts often explode in a riot of colour and totemic reference but I’m equally impressed with his editorial work. As you’d expect it’s quieter with some of his natural impulses reigned in, but it’s no less effective for that, combining his characteristic qualities with the demands of his clients.


Jake Blanchard: Journey to Work for Color Magazine


Jake Blanchard: Hazy days album cover


Jake Blanchard: I’d Kill for Her for Granta


Jake Blanchard: Emotional Advertising for Research World