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Rarely am I one to be woo-ed by gadgets. The constant battle to keep up with the latest and greatest technology can become a bit of a mammoth challenge, but when something comes along that subjects you to the kind of joy that Jambox brings – the love seeps back in. Jambox is simply put, a brilliant wireless speaker. But when I say brilliant, I mean really brilliant. Forget the tininess of your standard portable audio devices and welcome full spectrum sound. Oh, did I mention it’s also completely sync-able with all of your wireless devices and is a speakerphone? We may be late getting one (released in November) but it’s been well worth it.

We’ve also heard on the grapevine that Jambox will also be the star of the show of Jamscape at the upcoming Milan furniture fair. Jamscape is an audio experiment developed in partnership with Yves Behar of One Laptop per Child Fame alongside Dezeen and simply put, they are using the Jamboxes as building blocks to create an immersive environment liberating and unleashing sound. Roll on April 11 when we can see it for ourselves…