James Franco announces a new exhibition of art entitled Fat Squirrel

27 November 2014

There’s not a pie in the cultural world that James Franco isn’t ready and willing to stick a finger into, and to prove it the actor, director, poet and musician has just announced a new exhibition of his artworks, entitled Fat Squirrel, which is to be held at London’s Siegfried Contemporary gallery. The show is an undeniably eclectic collection, including a number of self portraits of the artist in the guise of various famous historical figures, a deer orgy entitled Triple Team, and some bright painterly collages, not to mention the eponymous overweight rodents which are undoubtedly our favourites.

Dazed Digital ran an in-depth interview with the artist in which he tells about his experiences and influences, explaining that he approaches his artwork as collaboratively as he does his filmmaking, hiring a pet painter to create portraits of various animals which he then paints on top of. It’s a new and unanticipated direction for James, but if you can find a gallery willing to exhibit your collection of paintings of joyously obese animals, then why the bloody hell wouldn’t you choose to share them with the world? We applaud him!

James Franco, Fat Squirrel will run until December 20th at Siegfried Contemporary.


James Franco: Triple Team


James Franco: Fat Stallion


James Franco: Jimmy Dean


James Franco: Fat Squirrel


James Franco: Gus


James Franco: Fat Corgi


James Franco: I’m Proud of You


James Franco: Fat Seal

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