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Graphic Design: Get fishy with colour-loving designer James Geoffrey Nunn

There are many different ways of getting someone’s attention. Throwing a scrunched-up bit of paper at someone’s head usually works, or a wolf whistle often will suffice, but then there’s also a designing a really fantastic, neon poster covered in fish. Job done! That’s exactly how James Geoffrey Nunn attracted us to him, like moths to a flame. His Flying Fish poster made for a “fish performance at Loophole, Berlin” is a beautiful combination of illustration and contemporary graphic design, with a good glug of fun mixed in for good measure. The best part is the rest of his portfolio is equally as grin-inducing.


James Geoffrey Nun: Flying Fish


James Geoffrey Nun: Flying Fish


James Geoffrey Nun: Positano Booklet


James Geoffrey Nun: Positano Booklet


James Geoffrey Nun: Aliens


James Geoffrey Nun: The Sun Machine