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James Victore answers creatives’ Burning Questions" in ace video series

Before stumbling across Burning Questions I have to admit I wasn’t that familiar with New York-based designer James Victore’s impressive repertoire. His talents and projects span the creative disciplines making him part designer, part activist, part curator, part motivational speaker and (in this case) part agony aunt.

Now that I am more versed in Victore, I’m completely besotted and his weekly YouTube featurette is my most regular vice. Honest and straight-forward, Burning Questions is released every Tuesday, and takes the form of a lo-fi, candid shot of James himself answering a question sent in from one of his fans in typically honest and disarming fashion.

Topics range from How to Stay Motivated to How to Change the World, and everything else a conscious creative might consider during their careers. I for one am hooked, and I dare you to watch one of these and not subscribe. It’s summed up best by James himself: “What you don’t want to hear in a way you want to hear it.”