Jamie Hawkesworth: Ponystep Magazine

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Kids have never looked cooler than in the photographs of Jamie Hawkesworth

Putting shopping-precinct-lurking kids in designer clothes is by no means revolutionary, but have you seen these photos? Jamie Hawkesworth, part of the treasure trove that is M.A.P photographers agency, has a unique portfolio of work that primarily documents the quintessential parts of Britain we all know and love, but don’t necessarily shout about. Cue repetitive town-centres, drizzly seasides and the ever ungraceful, dirty-laundy-on-show activity of moving house.

A constant feature in his work is the children, which he must be great with, because they’re all showing off and giving him their best angle. Next time you see some great shots of trendy kids in some of the best magazines you can buy, don’t be surprised if it’s the work of Jamie Hawkesworth.


Jamie Hawkesworth: To the Shetlands


Jamie Hawkesworth: Man About Town


Jamie Hawkesworth: Man About Town


Jamie Hawkesworth: Man About Town


Jamie Hawkesworth: Man About Town


Jamie Hawkesworth: South Shields