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Jamie Wolfe’s colourful, offbeat animated music video for Sneaks

Los Angeles-based animator and designer Jamie Wolfe has created this fun and hypnotic music video for artist Sneaks AKA Eva Moolchan. With beautifully haphazard linework that mimics the beats of the track, Jamie’s characters rhythmically melt into each other like coloured wax. “Working with Sneaks was a dreamy opportunity! She packs so much complexity into her music on the backbone of her minimalist rhythms. She really brings you into an alternate universe. I wanted the music video to reflect that,” explains Jamie.

The changeable shape of her characters allows smooth and unexpected transitions into new scenes, like when a pair of boobs morphs into cascading waves. “I knew I wanted the video to feel a bit psychedelic/surreal in its flow, so at the beginning I spent a lot of time playing the song on repeat and drawing everything that came to mind,” says Jamie. “I spread all those drawings out on the floor, plucked my favourites, and animated them. I used loops to play up the repetition in the song.” Jamie’s colours are bright and rich, reminiscent of old comic books and her figures gyrate and move on a backdrop of subtle rainbow gradient, which enhances this nostalgic vibe.

Short and sweet at around one and half minutes, the oddly humorous loops of animation show Jamie’s offbeat style that she’s developing while attending Calarts as an MFA student on the Experimental Animation programme.


Jamie Wolfe: Tough Luck, Sneaks (Still)


Jamie Wolfe: Tough Luck, Sneaks (Still)


Jamie Wolfe: Tough Luck, Sneaks (Still)


Jamie Wolfe: Tough Luck, Sneaks (Still)