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Hup! Holland Hup! – Jane Stockdale shoots women’s football at all levels in the Netherlands

“The idea was to document untold stories all over Holland,” says London-based photographer Jane Stockdale of her most recent project for Nike. “We followed various teams and players to document different stories: from kids playing after school to amateur teams playing to the Dutch National Team training for the Women’s Euros 2017 and playing friendlies with Austria and Japan.”

To celebrate Holland hosting the Women’s Euros 2017, Jane travelled across the Netherlands to document the fastest growing sport in the country and the people that play and support football. The images pick up on stories such as 11 year-old Djennah who dreams of playing for Barcelona, street football in Amsterdam, local amateur team Majella Domstad which is based in Utrecht, the CTO academy in Amsterdam, the Dutch national team training in Zeist and the international friendlies that preceded the Euros tournament.

Jane’s images capture the dedication and passion of players and fans in a country that has long been famed for its love of the beautiful game. The Womens’ Euro 2017 Tournament is currently being held in the Netherlands, with the Dutch team gaining sporting a new kit with a bespoke crest designed by W+K Amsterdam with Nike for the Dutch FA. These images have been featured in an exhibition that will run for the length of the tournament and in a zine titled Game On designed by …staat.


Jane Stockdale: Rocky, Zoi and Quinty play street football in the Zaandammerplein in Amsterdam


Jane Stockdale: Rocky, Amsterdam


Jane Stockdale: Quinty, Amsterdam


Jane Stockdale: The Dutch National Team relax on the pitch after practice


Jane Stockdale: Amateur team Majella Domstad have made it to the finals of their local tournament in Utrecht


Jane Stockdale: Dutch National Team final training session before playing Austria at their HQ in Zeist


Jane Stockdale: Holland beat Austria 3 – 0 in a friendly match in the run up the Women’s Euros


Jane Stockdale: Dutch National Team chill on the pitch after practice


Jane Stockdale: 11 year old Djennah plays after school with her mate Rodin.


Jane Stockdale: A 7am training session at Amsterdam’s elite CTO Academy for 15 – 18 year olds


Jane Stockdale: At the CTO Academy the girls all live and train together, “we eat, sleep and play football


Jane Stockdale: Amateur team Majella Domstat make it to the finals of their local tournament