Janice Wu: Chopstick wrappers

Work / Illustration

Janice Wu appreciates (and illustrates) the memorial in everyday paraphernalia

We’re all guilty of finding pieces of, well, crap, in our pockets and bags every now and again. Whether it be receipts (particularly prevalent), loose matches, pen lids or bits of tissue – sometimes emptying it all out can even be kind of embarrassing. Potential hoarder Janice Wu absolutely loves all that stuff and collects it all as a kind of memory cue-card system, each small and seemingly worthless item representing different valuable places and times in her life. Her meticulous drawings of the endearingly familiar detritus are the work not just of a true draughtsman, but also someone with a lot of patience and a desire to champion the overlooked.


Janice Wu: Receipts


Janice Wu: Receipts and Cash


Janice Wu: Fragments


Janice Wu: Receipts and Cash


Janice Wu: Obsessive Compulsive Assortment