Janne Iivonen: Fakta (crop)

Work / Illustration

Modern day scenes traditionally illustrated by Janne Iivonen

Does anyone else still get a rush of excitement when you see someone using an iPhone in a film? I think it was while watching Superbad and you hear Michael Cera’s phone ringing the ubiquitous iPhone Marimba that I thought “Oooh! They’re using the technology that I use!” – because before that I swear every film apart from James Bond used really old fashioned brick phones.

A lot of filmmakers and illustrators are now making it their business to depict modern day technology as honestly as possible, including Brighton illustrator Janne Iivonen. Janne’s style is such that his images could have been plucked out a copy of The New Yorker from 1974, but the way he plops little modern visual cues (selfies, watching Netflix with a late-20s housemate, Scandinavian-inspired table decorations) reminds us that we’re very much in the present. Well done Janne for mashing up classic, traditional illustration with cold, hard tech and making it just as joyous as the cartoons of yore.


Janne Iivonen: Image Magazine


Janne Iivonen: Image Magazine


Janne Iivonen: Image Magazine


Janne Iivonen: Long Play


Janne Iivonen: YCN


Janne Iivonen: Fakta