Jason Booher: The End of the Land/The Gone Away World

Work / Graphic Design

A lesson in great book design (and brevity) from Jason Booher

“Jason Booher designs book covers and other things.” This is the full extent of the information on Jason’s website and I for one admire his brevity, letting as it does his book design speak for itself. Unafraid to experiment but never jarring to the detriment of the literature he has been entrusted with, Jason has a super creative mind and a talent for realising his ideas in a portfolio packed with engaging and informative jacket design. Nuff said Jason.


Jason Booher: Once Before Time: A Whole Story of the Universe


Jason Booher: The Art of Immersion


Jason Booher: All Men Are Liars


Jason Booher: Spade & Archer


Jason Booher: like You’d Understand