Jason Jägel: Songs of Innocence and Experience / Never No Mo Blues

Work / Illustration

The man who coined the word “funshine” – please welcome Jason Jägel

Yes, that’s right. Funshine. Jason Jägel’s uncompromisingly deadpan use of that word sees hip hop artists Stones Throw literally clamouring to have his artwork used on their record. Well, if it’s good enough for MF Doom, it’s good enough for us. As well as creating uplifting, chaotic paintings that can only have been made by a man inspired by literally everything around him, Jason also makes installations, sculptures and some seriously intricate diorama-esque models that wouldn’t look out of place in a Wes Anderson title sequence. Be sure to check out his collaborative work with McSweeney’s and some weird and wonderful narrative images for self-proclaimed “voice of the dog” title Bark Magazine.


Jason Jägel: Our Lady Of The Highway – About Leaving


Jason Jägel: MM..Food


Jason Jägel: Mezcalina


Jason Jägel: No Coincidence


Jason Jägel: MF DOOM – Hoe Cakes


Jason Jägel: Reflecting Pool


Jason Jägel: Midnight Request Line